Our solutions against rogue drones

CERBAIR secures its clients’ near airspace with high-tech solutions. To cope with the asymmetrical threat posed by drones, CERBAIR aims at democratizing high-performing solutions to protect the many with its unique approach:

  • Highest Cost-Efficiency on the market
  • Mobility and Simplicity of use
  • Modularity and Upgradability


HYDRA sensors receive, digitalize and analyze raw RF signals by scanning the RF spectrum utilization on the bands that drones and their Remote Controls (RC) communicate on.

This process is passive, therefore causing no interference to surrounding networks.


Our drone detection software uses artificial intelligence and detection algorithms to look for unique patterns  of communications, efficiently discriminating drones from other objects (such as WiFi  networks).

The information is displayed in a simplified and ergonomic User Interface (UI) to help-out clients to take the right action.


By emitting an electromagnetic interference, smart jamming* allows to hinder those communications. As long as a channel is jammed, its communication is interrupted.

Smart Jamming can either saturate all channels or pick one of them to produce specific effects (loss of video stream, Return To Home of drone etc…).

Our mission : we shield your sensitive sites & events against malicious drone intrusions.

Armies (Land, Marine and Air Forces), police, prisons, National Security agencies and Intelligence Services, Government sites and Customs


Oil & Gas facilities, car manufacturing, sensitive coporations and other critical infrastructures such as Airports.


UHNWI's real estate and other assets (i.e. yachts...), large crowd events such as concernts & sport venues.


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Your tailored-made anti drone system

Our experts help you choose, configure and operate your system to fight malicious drones. It is always possible to update CERBAIR's anti-drone components after installation, without having to replace the whole system. You control your budget and needs while following the evolution of the drone threat.

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