Portable and Integrated Anti Drone Solution

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Unique Features

It is the real anti drone « Swiss army knife ». Similar to the fantastic creature, CHIMERA is the long-dreamt fusion of detection, location and neutralization technologies into a unified portable format for demanding security operators. This highly configurable platform provides flexibility to larger C2 it can connect with.

Passive RF detection of drone and remote control

Embedded jamming technology to neutralize rogue drones

Man-portable format powered by batteries

Evolutive and interoperable platform

Possible wireless integration into larger C2

CHIMERA 100 is a complete portable counter drone solution designed to detect, identify, track and neutralize rogue drones.

Detection of drone and remote control

Coverage: 360° with manpack omnidirectional antenna

Accuracy: direction finding on drone and pilot

Average detection range: 1km

Neutralization of remotely and GNSS piloted drones via BVLOS directional jamming

Smart mode: selection of RF ranges to be jammed

Pocket-size C2 on rugged phone/tablet

Plenty options for customization

Smartphone integration

Installed on a Samsung GALAXY S10 encapsulated in a protective shell, our interface allows you to quickly control the various parameters that define the intrusion and neutralization of a malicious drone.

Smartphone integration

Customization options

Long Endurance battery

Tactical Vest

Multi-battery charger

Earpiece & Maintenance cable