The security revolution is here and CERBAIR is leading the charge with the ultimate anti-drone solution. Pushing aside antiquated ideas on aerial defense, our dedicated team of experts is in a relentless pursuit to make the sky safe for all. Rethink your airspace security and trust us to defend your sensitive site or event from any kind of drone intrusion.

CERBAIR - a French Company with an International Mindset -
Develops Its Anti-Drone and Drone Detection Solutions from Start to Finish

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Our state-of-the-art radiofrequency drone detection and neutralization*
technology protects you from intruding drones

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Drone Risks

Malevolent drones pose a risk to the privacy, safety and security
of companies, governments and private individuals

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CERBAIR, French leader in anti-drone solutions and drone detection systems, actively
protects vulnerable airspace from rogue drones

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most renowned anti-drone technology on the market

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Today, They Trust Us to
Redefine Their Airspace Security

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CERBAIR Stands Out From the Crowd


High Quality at A Fair Price

We develop our anti-drone
solutions & drone detection systems in house from A to Z, allowing us to ensure excellent quality at a fair price


Near Zero False Alarm Rates

Our radiofrequency-based drone detection technology combines reactivity with extreme precision


Pilot & Drone Localization

Pilot localization allows you to neutralize the threat at its source, ideal when electronic countermeasures are not possible


Smart Long-Term Investment

The drone threat is constantly evolving. Our upgradable solutions allow you to anticipate new dangers, without losing your initial investment


Effective Against Multiple Drones

Drone Swarms are the next big security challenge. Our solutions expertly detect and neutralize multiple drones


Customizable Solutions

No matter the size, type, risk-level or budget of your site, our solutions are tailored to your specific needs

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