On Air: CERBAIR’s CEO invited at France’s first business news channel.

MONTROUGE, France. CERBAIR offers complete Anti-Drone solutions to secure sensitive sites and events against malicious drone use. With a number of detection and countermeasure systems already installed around the World, the French leader in Anti-Drone solutions announced the conclusion of a 5.5 million € round of financing.

Last February 25, Sébastien Couasnon, anchor at BFMBusiness, decrypted the recent fundraising and the strategy to develop systems against malevolent drones with Lucas Le Bell, co-founder of CERBAIR with Olivier Le Blainvaux in 2015.

In this short abstract, you’ll learn :

  • how we can detect, identify and neutralize malicious drones.
  • it is not a bullet proof technology.
  • CERBAIR’s experience on different business types from civilian to army and police.

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CERBAIR is a French defense and security company that was launched in 2015 after the increasing number of drone incidents entailed the need to protect all sensitive sites from this new airborne threat. Strongly convinced that air space security is a shared concern, CERBAIR offers the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

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