Une menace bien réelle

Les drones civils contournent tous les moyens de sécurité existants et présentent 4 types de menaces.


In the troubled three-border region where the frontiers of the three nations converge.


Forty-two Malian soldiers died in a sophisticated attack by suspected jihadis using drones and artillery. The attack occurred Sunday in the town of Tessit. The authorities blamed the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS), saying its members had deployed "drone and artillery support and [used] explosives and an explosives-laden vehicle." The ISGS is fighting for control of the strategic, gold-rich area against an al-Qaida-linked alliance, the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM).

Black Stork using an agricultural UAV


An image of an agricultural drone was released in a Telegram chat with the text "Black Stork in Kyiv. Getting ready for work. Everything that can cause damage to the invaders will be dropped on their heads." The drone was partially identified to be JMRRC X1380S drone which could have been used in past incidents where incendiary mixtures were dropped onto law enforcement facilities, causing structural damage.

ELN fight on the border


The Venezuelan military high command ordered the deployment of the Venezuelan military forces equiped with russian drones in an operation called Bolivarian Shield 2022, The drone attack on Guarico Island, in Venezuela, took place on two fronts. The dissidents of the 10th front of the Farc also use drones to attack the ELN.

With russian drones


On February 8, 2022, FARC used drones to attack ELN. The Eastern Joint Command uses Iranian-made drones, but on the other side of the border, that is, the members of the ELN and the Second Marquetalia, have a fleet of these devices that were brought from Russia”, says officals. The Venezuelan military high command ordered the deployment of the Venezuelan military forces in an operation called Bolivarian Shield 2022, in which they called the dissidents Tancol, which translated means Armed Terrorists Colombian Drug Traffickers. “In this type of operation, the guerrillas also use the weapons and drones that came as support from Russia to Venezuela. We have information that the attacks have been joint and it is well known that guerrillas such as the ELN or characters such as Iván Márquez have always had the approval of the Venezuelan Government for a long time,” said a Colombian State Intelligence investigator.

ISWAP swap to drone reconnaissance


Islamic State - West African Province (ISWAP) published footage of fighters carrying out a mortar strike on the North Eastern town of Wulgo, Borno State. The attack came during the distribution of relief cards, targeting areas where people were gathered in large groups. In total, 9 people were injured. Something really interesting about this attack is that they also published #drone footage. This means ISWAP not only has drone capabilities but that they were likely using it for #reconnaissance and for sighting in the mortar strikes, making them much more accurate and effective

Mavic 2 with dropping system seized


It is the second drone that the forces of the Fifth Military Region (in the Fifth Region, Hiran, Hajjah) have dropped since the begining of 2022. A few days after the first was intercepted off the coast of Marsa Habl, south of the coastal district of Midi on the Red Sea.

First time documented!


Karen Gen-Z Army carried out a drone attack on Tatmadaw in Lay Kay Kyaw, (Myawaddy). The group used a DJI Phantom UAV and craft-produced fin-stabilized grenades. Also, KGZ seems to have produced various bombs. At least one of them was based on Burmese MR-1 rocket and some of them look were seem to be inspired by Burmese rifle grenades.

IED + DJI Mavic 2


People's militia of the LPR: in the area of the settlement of Slavyanoserbsk, a DJI Mavic-2 quadrocopter, launched by the servicemen of the 79th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was intercepted and forcibly landed by means of electronic warfare. The drone was equipped with a dropped explosive device.

Targeting the Hospital


Forensics from downed Ukrainian Valkyrie drone show that target was a hospital in Donetsk.

Ukraine drone attack on Donetsk leaves 2 dead


Two soldiers were killed after an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the Ukrainian security forces dropped explosives in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). "One soldier was killed instantly, and the other defender of our republic who was injured by the blast, unfortunately, died in a hospital this morning", an official said.

2nd time in a month


For the second time in Nov 21, the Central African army announced that it had shot down an unknown drone. The origin of the device was not detected but it was loaded with explosives. According to a security source, the drone seems to be manufactured by the rebels of the CPC led by ex-president François Bozizé who is wanted by the justice system and settled in Chad.



Yemeni Army downs Houthi suicide drone flying towards Al-Jawf Governate.

A suicide drone crashed over Karbala


Iraqi media reported that a suicide drone was shot down over the province of Karbala by Iraqi forces. According to a security source in Iraq, the drone was carrying 10 kilograms of explosives and was flying from the desert near Karbala province to the main center of Karbala city when it was shot down by Iraqi forces.

Russian Made Grenade


The Security Service of Ukraine has confirmed that the members of illegal armed groups with the self-styled “LPR/DPR” have been using Russian-made unmanned aerial vehicles, including in strikes on Ukraine’s defense positions. Russian proxy forces had been using the aircraft, later intercepted over the demarcation line, in reconnaissance missions, as well as artillery spotting in attacks on Ukrainian military positions. According to the forensic examination report, the intercepted UAV turned out to be a Grenade-1 combat drone, produced by one of the Russian defense factories.

Failed to explode


Ukrainian security forces staged a drone attack on an oil tank farm in Donetsk, no explosion took place due to ammo failure, Alexey Nikonorov, a representative of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) in the Donbass security subgroup of the joint ceasefire control centre, said on 27/10/21.

Launched from Saada


The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen said on Wednesday it intercepted an explosives-laden drone targeting Saudi Arabia's Abha international airport. The drone's debris scattered, four workers at the airport were slightly injured, and the glass of some facades was shattered. The navigation traffic in the airport was halted temporarily. Blaming the Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen for the attempted attack, the coalition is taking "operational measures to neutralize the sources of threat".

Incendiary Payload


The Black Stork gang used a large drone to drop two flammable containers of 5-liters onto the Belarusian law enforcement base in Minsk

40 mm laden bomb


The coalition shot down a Houthi attack drone carrying 40 mm caliber bombs, while it was trying to fly over military sites west of the city of Hays (southeast of Hodeidah).

Smelly attack


With a smelly liquid dropped by a drone, strangers attacked a group of anti-vaccination agents in Hanau. No one was hit or injured, the police reported. But now the state security is investigating. At around 7 p.m. on Thursday 16/9, 26 vaccination critics had gathered on the banks of the Main in Hanau-Großauheim when it suddenly began to hum over their heads. A large drone was floating in the air, with a bag of stinking liquid hanging from it, which fell and burst on the floor.

2 years after


Almost 2 years after Abqaiq and Khurais attacks, the Houthis targeted a major oil & gas facility from Aramco. A site close to Damman hit with bomb-laden drones.

30 killed, 60 wounded


At least 30 pro-government fighters have been killed in an attack on an Al-Anad airbase in southern Yemen. The Iran-aligned rebel Houthi movement, which is fighting a war against the Saudi-backed government, have attacked the same airbase in the past.

Ansarullah’s drones


The Saudi-led coalition involved in the Yemen war intercepted three drones launched by militias from the Yemeni Ansarullah (Houthis) movement, local television Al Ekhbariya reported. The majority of drone and missile attacks by the Ansarullah (Houthis) movement were thwarted before reaching their targets, but some were successful in damaging vital facilities, such as airports and oil production stations.

Kurdistan hit by 4 drones


A total of four explosives-laden drones hit two areas in Erbil, capital of the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, without causing casualties, according to security officials. One of the attacks took place when three of the drones hit a house in a village near the city of Erbil, some 375 km north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, the regional Kurdish Counter-Terrorism said in a statement posted on its Facebook page. Two of the drones detonated while the third did not, the statement said.

2 explosive laden drones


Two drones used for attack on Jammu Air Force base. Two low-intensity explosions were reported in the technical area of the base. One of the blast caused minor damage to the roof of a building while the second one exploded in an open area.

2nd time


The Ain al Asad military base in Iraq was struck by a fixed wing “kamikaze” drone damaging a hanger. Nobody was hurt during the attack. This marks the second time in a month that a military instillation in Iraq that houses #UnitedStates forces was struck by loitering munitions. Loitering munition use against US forces is extremely rare, but it’s second use in a month could show a significant shift in tactics for Iranian proxy groups.

A booby-trapped drone


A remotely piloted boat packed with explosives targeted the Saudi port of Yanbu in the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia claimed to have intercepted and destroyed the attack boat. The incident comes amid the kingdom’s years long war against Yemen’s Houthi rebels. The Houthis have in the past used bomb-laden drones and explosive-packed boats in attacks targeting the kingdom.

Attack of the Vatican Ambassador


CJNG (el Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion) explosive drone attacks on Vatican ambassador leave 2 policemen injured in Aguililla. The drones were loaded with fragmentation grenades.

Auckland real estate photographer’s drone shot down


Professional Photographer Jack Mapobpan was operating the authorized drone when he heard two noises, which he put down to a neighbour using a nail gun. On his UAV he found a bullet hole, created by what appeared to be a pellet gun, at the centre of the rear of the drone, between two proximity sensors.

Against Eurocup


Surreal episode in San Mamés in the match between Athletic and Eibar this Saturday : a drone fell in the middle of the match and referee Pizarro Gómez had to stop the match to remove it. Everything was in a shock and the drone did not fall on anyone. The directed flying object hung a flag with the slogan of the campaign against the celebration of the European Championship in San Mamés next summer.

A Flyadeal airbus hit by a drone


A Houthi drone hit an A320 at Abha airport (Saudi Arabia). No casualties were to be deplored but the fuselage was seriously hit.

Potential Attack on the tallest buildings


A militant group in Iraq has threatened to bomb Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. The group reported that the Iraqi militia that launched the drone attack in Saudi Arabian was planning to attack the world’s tallest building.

Weaponized drones


Talibans recently admitted they introduced weaponized drones to their arsenal against Afghani troops.

South of KSA


The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen stated that it had intercepted and destroyed a drone filled with explosives launched by the armed Houthi movement, toward the Saudi Kingdom. The UAV was targeting civilian objects and non-combatants in the southern region of the kingdom. No information on damage or casualties.

1 death and 14 wounded


Iran-backed Houthi mortar and drone attacks on military and civilian targets in Yemen’s southern city of Taiz have killed a civilian and wounded at least 14 more. An explosive-laden drone hit a military post in Jabal Habashy district, wounding 10 soldiers. The drone was carrying a large amount of explosive materials and detonated as soldiers were guarding their post.

Taliban rigging drones to drop bombs


In late October, the Taliban reportedly used a drone to bomb the compound of the governor of Kunduz province.

Half kilo of TNT


During a customs check at Gye toll booth, French police discovered that a man had in his possession a drone, two blocks of 500g military-grade TNT explosive charges and detonators with a remote triggering device. The man was arrested; however, he was unaware of the content in the car and was just following instructions in bringing the car back to Montpellier. The intent of the use of drones and explosive are not known yet and investigations are still ongoing.

Houthis vs Saudis


The Houthi rebels of Yemen launched an attack with drones loaded with explosives against Abha airport in southwest Saudi Arabia. The bomb-laden UAV was launched by the terrorist, Iran-backed Houthi militia towards the Kingdom.



Despite a ceasefire agreement, pro-Russian separatists targeted Ukraine military troops using grenades dropped from a drone, injuring two servicemen. Russian occupation forces dropped VOG grenades (suspended VOG-17 fragmentation projectile for under-barrel grenade launchers) from the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Jalisco Cartel Adopts New Tactic


The Jalisco New Generation Cartel is improving its risk-free mean of attack with drones, C4, packs of metal balls and a remote detonation system. As stated by the mexican Attorney General’s Office, such devices were also found in April of 2020, in a context of extremely violent cartel wars

IED on troops


An improvised explosive device (IED) exploded in the Turkish-occupied town of Afrin in northern Aleppo. The IED targeted a vehicle of the Sham Corps militant group wounding at least 3 of its members.

« Lone wolf » on Camp Nou


A « lone wolf » terrorist was arrested by the Spanish police, while he was preparing to use a drone to bomb a football match. Instructions were received in Syria to pack a drone with explosives. Slowed down by the COVID-19, this delay allowed the police to catch him on time.

Right after a U.N. call for immediate turce


Saudi-Led coalition intercepted and destroyed drones launched by Iran-aligned Yemen’s Houthis towards “civilian targets” in Saudi cities of Abha and Khamis Mushait.

Possible trouble by Naxals


Small red and white light emitting drones were seen flying near the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) camp in Kistaram and Pallodi at least four times in three days. The drones emitted a "low whizzing sound" that drew attention of camp guards after which offensive position was taken by troops and an alert sounded across all the nearby camps anticipating possible trouble by Naxals.

Pro-Serbia banner


Officials say police in Kosovo have arrested eight Czech soccer fans who were allegedly planning to fly a drone with a pro-Serbia banner during 2020 European Championship qualifier between Kosovo and the Czech Republic.

Shaybah’s hit


A drone attack claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels has sparked a fire in a remote Saudi oil and gas field (Shaybah) but has caused no casualties or disruption to production, state-owned energy company Saudi Aramco said.

Oil Pumping Station targeted


The Houthis have stepped up attacks on the kingdom in the past two weeks - including a drone strike on two oil pumping stations near Riyadh - in a resurgence of tactics that had largely subsided since late last year amid U.N.-led peace efforts.

Towards residential areas


Saudi Arabia’s air defense systems shot down a houthi drone. Some civilians suffered light injuries from debris when the drone was shot down. The aircraft had been heading toward residential areas in Abha, around 230 km (140 miles) north of the border with Yemen.

While parading


Houthi exploding drine claims multiple lives at Military Parade. A Houthi drone carrying large amount of munitions exploded over a gov military parade, killing 8, including a high-ranking official.


Collision while riding a bike


A woman sued the parents of an 11-year-old child for medical compensation after a drone, flown by the child, collided directly into her while she was cycling in a park. The head-on collision caused the woman to fall off her bicycle, sustaining multiple injuries. After multiple negotiations, the woman was unable to receive compensation and sought legal actions thereafter. The Chinese court ordered the parents to pay 70% of the civil compensation liability, amounting to USD$25,000, while the victim had to bear the remaining 30% due to her careless cycling posture.

On the Duomo Roof Top


An Argentinian tourist, 39, had been flying his drone in Piazza Venezia when he lost control of the device and sent it crashing into the roof of Palazzo Venezia, a 15th-century building from where the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini delivered some of his most famous speeches. The drone was recovered by the building’s security staff before being seized by police, who reported the tourist for failing to comply with a no-fly drone zone over the city.

The Leaning Drone


Another drone with a 'careless' flight in Piazza Duomo in Pisa. A 32-year-old Romanian, in Italy for tourism, was caught by the police. The man had raised the drone, according to him, to take more suggestive photos of the monumental complex. The policemen seized the drone and denounced the pilot to the Italian CAA, for non-compliance with the rules on navigation safety both because he lacked a permit and flew the drone over the monumental area without being authorized.

Jazz vs Drone (part 2)


A Jazz de Havilland DHC-8-402 from Vancouver, BC (CYVR) to Terrace, BC (CYXT), climbing northbound after departure from CYVR, reported that a drone passed overhead at 7000 feet, just south of the Second Narrows Bridge.

Jazz vs Drone (part 1)


Aircraft pilot reports sighting drone at 6,500ft after departing Toronto Pearson Airport, Canada. A Jazz Bombardier CL-600-2B19 from Toronto/Lester B. Pearson, ON (CYYZ) to Cleveland, OH (KCLE) reported sighting a remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS) at approximately 6500ft, and passing 500ft above the RPAS. No evasive action required. No impact to operations.

Risk of collision


Riga International Airport suspended flights on November 25 due to reports of the appearance of drones near the air harbor. Aircraft for takeoff and landing were delayed for half an hour, the Civil Aviation Agency reports. One of the pilots of the passenger liner informed the ATC about the appearance of drones. The controler, following the instructions, suspended flights at the airport and notified the police about what was happening. As a result, three flights had to delay landing in Riga, and four could not fly to their destinations on time. According to radar data, unidentified aircraft appeared three kilometers from the airport zone. According to the Telegram channel Sputnik Near Abroad, the drones were military and belonged to the Latvian army. However, judging by the known information, it has not yet been possible to detain the drones or to find out their origin.

Ikarus vs Drone


Warnings have been issued over the dangers of flying drones after a near miss incident was reported over Blackpool's South Pier. The incident, which happened while the Promenade was busy with visitors. An illegally flown drone and a manned IKARUS C42 light aircraft came within 330ft of each other above South Pier in Blackpool within the Flight Restriction Zone of Blackpool Airport.

Aerial Firefighting aborted


A drone flying near a fire above Naenae, New Zealand, has forced Fire and Emergency to suspend its aerial firefighting operations. "We have had to suspend the aerial attack while the drone is in the air to ensure the safety of our pilots and crews." reported the firemen speaker.

Unexpected object


Unusual flight characteristics of a flying object (2700 feet, 86 kts) recorded by flightradar24 in Guangzhou.

After his son drop off.


A Quonset State Airport-based private pilot says he experienced a mid-air scare with a drone. "It was literally 20 to 50 feet right above my head -- right there," says Bill Weedon. "Didn't have time to be scared. Just reacted." According to Weedon, it happened while he was flying home to Rhode Island in his 1978 Decathlon after dropping off his son at college in Vermont. "My airplane cruises at 120 miles per hour and those drones can legally fly at 100 miles per hour," he said. "So, you can imagine something weighing about the same weight as a baseball coming at you at about 200 mph. It's a very dangerous situation." The pilot said he encountered the drone around 3,000 feet over Cranston, inside Providence's controlled airspace -- where the FAA has made regulations clear: drones operators need permission to fly.

For the safety of rides…


Hull City Council has issued a warning after a number of drones were spotted flying over Hull Fair. The council said its control team is aware of people using drones and urged those responsible to refrain from using them, stating they can be dangerous towards fairgoers and the safety of the rides.

Against Firefighting efforts


Second drone sighting incident grounds firefighting efforts in Gallatin National Forest, USA. Authorities say unauthorized drone flights over a Montana wildfire prevented firefighting aircraft from being used against the blaze burning in rugged terrain south of Big Sky. Drones over the area forced officials to ground aircraft for safety twice since the fire was first reported.

Recurring cases in North Vietnam


The operator of Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi detected two cases of foreign object intrusion in September, which could pose security and safety threats to the airport, a report from Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport stated. The first case was detected on September 14 at the east end of the airport, while the second was reported on September 29 at the west end, located near Dien Xa Village of Soc Son District. Officers spotted flying objects, which were suspected to be unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), during both instances, classified as foreign objects and posing a direct threat to the safety of commercial flights at Noi Bai.

14 NM far from YUL


En route to Montreal/St Hubert, at 2,500 feet, a Montreal Cessna 150L reported coming into a drone without serious damage or injuries.

Not the first encounter


A Barrier Air airline pilot located a drone on April 27 at around 5 p.m. local time, 30 meters from the aircraft. This resulted in a suspension of national and international flights inbound and outbound of Auckland Airport.

Police say it could have caused a serious collision


A pilot avoided a "serious collision" with a drone after it flew close to his aircraft. Police have issued a warning after the aircraft was nearly hit by an unlicensed drone. The pilot was flying over Brockworth around two miles south of Gloucestershire Airport in Staverton.

Drone Pilot not located


Drone flight results in near miss for plane leaving Nanaimo airport. The pilot of a single engine Cessna 208B reported a drone flying approximately 500 feet below them as they left Nanaimo for Vancouver.

200 feet close


Near miss between small plane and drone above downtown Kelowna. A small aircraft flying over downtown Kelowna had a close call, nearly colliding with a drone. No damages or injuries were reported.

Crashed on the roof


New York law enforcement officers caught a 27-year-old Philadelphia resident as he attempted to retrieve his drone which he had crashed onto the roof of the 3 World Trade Center.

Indian drone crashes anti-Maoist operations


An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which was recently acquired for the conflict zone to boost the anti-Maoist operations in Bastar, crashed into the outer wall of Jagdalpur airport during a trial in south Chhattisgarh.

Incident in the vicinity of Institut de recherche d’Hydro-Québec (IREQ)


Helicopter pilot spots a gray-triangle shaped drone flying above limit at 600ft near Hydro-Quebec Research Institute on March 20.

Drone operating illegally in controlled airspace at GSO


Piedmont Triad Airport employees reported sighting a drone flying over the airfield. The runway was switched and flights were diverted. The drone incursion lasted for about 2h, during of which law enforcement agencies commenced searches for the drone operator, but were unsuccessful.

Can we have our UAV back, pls?


Drone taking photos of MediaCity crashes onto balcony in Salford Quays apartment block. Peel Group's aerial device was said to have developed a problem before crashing onto a balcony at Sovereign Point.

Cessna Skywagon reports the presence of two drones


On February 12, 2021, a pilot of a Cessna A185F Skywagon reported the presence of two drones at an altitude of 700 feet and 2 NM south of Boundary Bay Airport.

FRA closed


This is not the first time that flights have been suspended due to drone sightings at Frankfurt Airport. Last May, the airport was shut down, February 8 last month, it was shut down again.

Deeply in the Forest


An indigenous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) crash-landed in Taitung Forest Park. Eyewitnesses spotted the drone flying at a low altitude over Flowing Lake before it crashed, smashing into several trees and breaking into pieces. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Knock knock on the window


A DJI drone deployed for a commercial photography job crashed into a Sydney high-rise apartment block injuring an occupant. The drone operator reportedly lost control of the drone after flying it approximately 10 metres high in-front of the building.

On coastal patrol


A drone collided with a helicopter and this time a non-flying, left-seat crewmember was injured. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro pierced the acrylic windshield of a Bell UH-57B, while the helicopter was on coastal patrol Saturday for the Chilean Navy near Santo Domingo, 68 miles west of Santiago. The drone was recovered and attempts to locate the owner are ongoing. It did not have a registration number.

Closer to Bryony Frost


Drone's crash landing during Welsh Grand National meeting probed by police Gwent Police have said the incident is being investigated. The drone came down near Chepstow Racecourse after Bryony Frost won the first race on Pozo Emery.

R44 vs DJI Matrice


During an aerial photography mission in the area of the mine workshops, the pilot was forced to perform an emergency maneuver in order to avoid a collision with a drone.

1,000 feet over


Police issue drone warning after near miss at Elstree Aerodrome. Police received a report that a pilot landing at Elstree Aerodrome encountered a drone flying around 1,000 feet over the Bushey Heath area. Fortunately, the pilot was able to land safely - but the incident has prompted an officer to issue a warning about using drones near airports and airstrips.

An Apache on the track…


Apache helicopter deployed to track illegal drone near Stansted Airport. A near miss involving a pair of Army helicopters. Both crews spotted the drone. The report says Army pilots were able to see the drone again and reported its exact position, they continued to monitor it for half an hour before it left the area close to the airport.

Nose, antenna & cowling damaged


A man has been arrested by FBI special agents in Los Angeles on charges of recklessly flying a drone that crashed into a police helicopter. The drone damaged the chopper's nose, antenna and cowling - the covering of the engine - in the impact. "If the drone had struck the helicopter's main rotor instead of the fuselage, it could have brought the helicopter down," according to the criminal complaint filed in the United States District Court.

Blue, 50cm long, 10kg


Manchester flight involved in one of the country's closest ever near misses with a drone. The incident involved an Airbus A320 aircraft flying at 8,000ft over having just taken off from Manchester Airport. Both pilots in the cockpit of the Easyjet Manchester-to-Athens flight "saw a large drone pass very close to the aircraft windscreen". The drone was described as blue, around 50cm long and weighing "at least 10kg".

Bang, bang


The Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Association of Southern Africa (CUAASA) said a drone is suspected to have struck an airborne training aircraft on 27 October at Rand Airport, causing the pilot to make a precautionary landing after hearing a loud bang shortly after take-off.

Spotted 6 meters away…


Spotted at 6 meters away from an Airbus A321wing. The Airprox report concluded that «the pilot’s overall account of the incident portrayed a situation where providence had played a major part in the incident and/or a definite risk of collision had existed»

Captured by a crew


A Spectrum Health Aero Med helicopter had a near collision with a drone while landing at Butterworth Hospital. The drone was hovering over the rooftop landing site when the aircraft landed. The device dropped low enough to be captured by an Aero Med crew member. The owner is unknown.

Disrupting fire fighting


Dronists may not realize the danger they are causing firefighters. Airplanes and helicopters critical to such tasks had to land and wait until the airspace is cleared before resuming water or retardant deliveries to the fire during UTAH massive fires.

A drone dangerously close to Nuremberg’s Landing Approach


A drone has come dangerously close to a passenger aircraft. According to the police, the plane inbound from Heraklion (Greece) was just about to land at Nuremberg Airport. In an area above Puschendorf, Veitsbronn and Langenzenn, the crew noticed the drone at a height of about 700 meters. According to the police, the aircraft was only about 50 meters away from the aircraft.

200 ft underneath


Drone and two-seater plane in near miss near Gamston Airport. A drone pilot prevented a mid-air collision over Ordsall near Gamston Airport by halting a descent as a small aircraft passed 200 ft underneath it.

Near miss with a rescue Heli


Rescue helicopter in Freiburg almost collides with a drone. The helicopter pilot noticed the flying object right next to her.

Sighting @New York’s Business Airport


FAA Investigates Drone Sighting Near Teterboro Airport after the crew onboard a small plane reported seeing a drone flying near the Airport.

Master vs mini


A Boeing 747 operated by Virgin Atlantic identified a civilian drone hovering close to its takeoff flightpath. The Stewart, a former drone operator, estimated the civilian UAV to be as close as 90 meters below the aircraft.

Attacked by a Gull


The UAS was being operated commercially on a roof survey of a large building in a built-up area, using the pre-programmed flight path. All the normal pre-flight checks were completed, including an assessment of potential bird interference. The UAS flew out on the first track before returning on the second when a gull flew over the pilot from behind and attacked it.

Light but risked


A drone put the occupants of a light aircraft "in danger of serious injury" after a near miss incident outside Perth. The aircraft almost collided with the drone over Murrayshall.

Knocked off balance by the blast


Near miss with drone, crash on turnpike heightens stress on law enforcement. Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States, had organized an escort to accompany the funeral procession of an officer killed in a shooting. A police helicopter was covering the event. It was filmed as a drone, apparently a DJI Inspire, quickly approached the helicopter, until it was knocked off balance by the blast of the blades.

Rotor Damaged


A near-miss occured in Western Canada, between an AS350 helicopter of the Canadian Police (RMCP), and police-led Skyranger drone. At low altitude, the drone smashed against the helicopter. Substantial damages were noted on the main rotor.



A near-miss occured in Western Canada, between an AS350 helicopter of the Canadian Police (RMCP), and police-led Skyranger drone. At low altitude, the drone smashed against the helicopter. Substantial damages were noted on the main rotor.

Runway 19


The Vigo National Police identified a neighbor of Redondela (Pontevedra) flying over several homes. According to the radar he was in the approach area to runway 19 of the Peinador airport.

In Blue Angels’ path


Drone flies dangerously close to Blue Angels in Detroit, getting within meters of the formation.


Fentanyl & heroïn among other drugs


The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) arrested 42 suspects charged with breaking federal conspiracy laws by using drones in smuggling drugs into state prisons. Accusations against the crew range from distributing narcotics, money laundering, firearms violations, operating an aircraft to facilitate drug trafficking, and Hobbs Act robbery offenses. The TDCJ also joined with an array of law enforcement agencies to investigate the ring’s use of drones to deliver drugs and other contraband into prisons, and subsequently learn the scope of the smuggling operation. This operation led to the seizure of several kilograms of methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl pills known as M30, synthetic marijuana, and around $150,000 in cash and jewelry.

Drone carrying narcotics and contraband crashes in Taranto prison


It would have brought drugs and mobile phones inside the prison, but the drone maneuvered to the Taranto prison crashed as soon as it crossed the boundary wall near the detention sections.

Suspected Drone Drop


The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) has seized a package of contraband intended to make its way inside Bath Institution, a medium-security facility. The package (4g of shatter - a cannabis concentrate - cell phone and accessories) was a suspected drone drop, and was seized on the perimeter of Bath Institution “as the result of the vigilance of staff members” says officials.

44 kgs of Narcotics!


Foiling another attempt of Pakistan-based groups to smuggle narcotics to fund terror outfits active in the Union Territory Jammu and Kashmir, forces recovered 44 kilograms of drugs along of Line of Control (LoC) in the Poonch. The operation was jointly launched by Jammu and Kashmir Police and the Army along the LoC in Poonch. It is believed that narcotics were dropped through drones.

Maconha 2


For second time in 10 days, the Police Officers in Mata Grande - one of the largest jail of Mato Grosso (close to Bolivian border) - seized a drone with marijuana packed and delivered by drone. After a warning shot, the aircraft lost control and crashed.

Entrega de maconha


Officers from Mata Grande Jail seized a drone with a package of marijuana, SIM cards delivered by drone.

Up north of Brazil


Two men were arrested for trying to throw drugs over the wall of the jail at the Institute of Penitentiary Administration of Amapá (Iapen), in the West Zone of Macapá . The duo had a package of the narcotic substance and a drone, which would be used to send the "order" into the prison.

Made of bamboo sticks


As revealed by a local TV network criminal police seize drone with almost 1 kg of marijuana that flew over penitentiary with a dropping system made of bamboo.

4,17 kg of contreband seized


Indian Border Security Forces heard drone sounds early morning along the Indian-Pakistani border at Ferozepur and fired illumination bombs in the sky to spot the drone. The drone was sighted and soldiers opened fire at a drone in attempt to bring it down. The drone was eventually shot down and seized revealing 4.17kg of contraband in four yellow packages and one black package. The drone was a DJI Matrice 300 RTK.

In Yogurt bottles


Prison guards at the PI Alphen were alerted to a drone sighting in the area and were surprised to find the drone dropping a carton of a yogurt drink. Upon opening the drink, mobile phones, chargers, SIM cards and cables were found within, tightly wrapped in gladwrap to protect against liquid contact. The contraband was seized and confiscated; however, the drone and its operator were not found.

Arrested at a routine traffic stop


On Feb 20, three people were arrested at a routine traffic stop due to possession of a DJI Inspire 2 drone and narcotics. The trio admitted to having intent to deliver narcotics and a mobile phone via the drone into Calhoun State Prison. The Inspire 2 is a larger and more powerful drone, often utilised by organisations or professionals compared to the more consumer-oriented Phantom and Mavic DJI-series. The inspire is favoured for its speed, stability and payload-weight capabilities which are advantages of a professional videography system.

The crime enhanced by technology


A 31-year-old man after a drone carrying drugs was intercepted by staff at Westgate prison. The police drugs unit and tactical support division were called in after the aerial drone “breached the perimeter defences” of the prison. A quantity of illegal drugs was seized in the incident. “This is an incident where traditional crime is being enhanced by the use of technology" says the investigators.

40 firearms seized


Police in Winnipeg say a multi-jurisdictional investigation has found drones have been used to drop large quantities of drugs into federal prisons. Investigators learned that drugs were being brought into Stony Mountain Penitentiary in Manitoba and Collins Bay Institution in Ontario using a “very sophisticated drone”. Winnipeg police partnered with Edmonton police, Ontario Provincial Police, the RCMP, border services and the Correctional Service of Canada. Twelve people were arrested in multiple cities last month and face a slew of charges. Police said officers seized several million dollars worth of methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine, marijuana and other drugs. About 40 firearms were also seized.

100% Homemade and Old School


Polish soldiers intercept a DIY drone close to the Belarus border. The UAV might be used by crime organization to smuggle cigarets. Last year, the border service recorded almost 40,000 attempts to cross the Polish-Belarusian border illegally.

Norfolk men charge


Norfolk men tried to use drone to deliver cellphones into Virginia prison. The drone, carrying a package that contained marijuana, tobacco, cellphones, and a USB‑C to lightning converter, was discovered, investigators have been looking for the people responsible.

A suspected drone heard


The Border Security Force, along with the Jammu and Kashmir police launched a search operation in the Kathua district on Friday after a suspected drone was heard hovering in the Chadwal area along the international border. According to officials, a humming sound of a suspected drone was heard by alert BSF troops in the Chadwal area of Kathua. To rule out any possibility of weapons or Narcotics dropping by the suspected drone, a search operation was carried out by BSF and the special operations group of Jammu and Kashmir police.

La tecnica de « pelotazos »


Gendarmerie captures a drone that was taking drugs to the La Serena jail. Not only the technique of "balls" has been the means to try to enter illegal substances and elements into the Huachalalume prison, this Saturday a quadcopter was captured with about 100 grams of cocaine base.

A fake Police drone


Near the Mendeleev colony, a drone in black body kit with the stickers “Police” pasted to it were seized. Three men (born in 2001/2002/1995) were apprehended for attempting to deliver mobile phones, sim cards and phone chargers into the restricted area. The contraband was stored in white plastic bag and bubble wrapped before being tied onto the drone via black duct tape. It was not stated how the prison officers manage to seize the drone and apprehend the operators.

Traveling with motorcycle


The Ministry of Public Security reported that the guards of the Nelson Mandela Comprehensive Attention Center (CAI), located in La Palmera de San Carlos (Costa Rica), captured a drone with which they were apparently trying to introduce drugs into the prison. They activated an operation that resulted in the arrest of two people, who were allegedly driving the aerial vehicle confirming that the suspects, surnames Bejarano and Rosales, were 300 meters from the CAI when the authorities located them and ordered them to land the drone. The device fell on a neighboring farm, where it was seized by the Police. According to the police authorities report, in addition to a significant amount of marijuana, the flying object had a box with two cell phones and phone chips attached to it.

Dron y moto


Costarican authorities reported a delivery at Nelson Mandela Penitentiary Center in San Carlos. Police arrested two person travelling with a Mavic 2 on a motorcycle.

870 smuggled psychotropic tablets and pills


Mini drone with narcotics attached seized by Moroccan security forces in Ceuta. The drone was flying at a low altitude and transporting a shipment of 870 smuggled psychotropic tablets and pills between Fnideq and Ceuta.

With dynamite


On September 13, with the use of drones, several explosives were thrown at the roofs of pavilions 5 and 6 of the maximum security area of the Litoral Penitentiary to attack the Los Choneros gang. It is presumed that the attack was planned by Los Lobos and this Thursday the hiding place from where this technological equipment was supposedly operating was finally discovered. In the house of a private urbanization located on the road to Daule, about five kilometers from the Guayaquil prison complex, three drones were found, one of them capable of carrying up to 20 kilos.

Drugs found after swiping the crash area


The Jordanian army thwarted an attempt to smuggle drugs from Syria using a drone. An Eastern Military Zone unit shot down a drug-filled drone flown across the border from Syrian territory.

Drugs with a string


First drone delivery in the Prison Complex No. 2 Adjutor Andrés Abregú, better known as the prison of the city of Cruz del Eje. The device carried 400 grams of marijuana bite and 83 grams of cocaine hydrochloride. The narcotics were seized and the guards found that a drone was flying overhead, from which a string was hanging with a package of drugs.

Likely heroin


Acting on a specific input, a search operation was conducted near the international border in Akhnoor area and a bag hidden in thick wild grass was found. It contained 4 pistols, 8 magazines, 190 rounds of ammunition, 1 packet of narcotics (likely heroin) weighing about 1 kg and fake currency Rs 275000 (3700US$).

Della Camora


A Camora inmate in Frosinone (a high security prison in Italy) suspected to have received a gun and a smartphone from a drone which delivered the items to his cell window. He shooted 3 times through cell bars to other detained criminals. Once authorized to leave his cell to make the shower pointed a gun in the face of the prison policeman and had the keys to the other cells delivered to him otherwise he would have killed him. Then he reached the cells of other inmates (Neapolitans and Albanians), who in recent days had threatened and beat him, and, after unsuccessfully trying to open them, fired three shots inside.

Plugged in the electric wires


Luma Energy staff were in charge of removing a drone that loaded cell phones and drugs from the power lines, near the Guayama prison. The drone (with 4 cells, 2 bags of marijuana) that got stuck in electrical cables when it flew near the Guayama prison.

21 flights


Chilean authorities arrested six people associated with a drug gang that uses drones to deliver illegal contraband to prisons. Chilean authorities are concerned about the growing number of illegal contraband being delivered to prisons by drones. Investigators discovered, among other things, a case in which a dealer created an entire network of drug smuggling. With its help, he was to sell illegal funds worth over 100 million Chilean pesos (about $ 125,000).

Las Cucharas


Personnel from the Ponce Drug and Narcotics Division discovered a drone loaded with controlled substances that was aimed at the maximum security institution of the Las Cucharas correctional complex. A prison custody officer spotted the drone flying over the area while hanging a plastic bag on it. When he shone the flashlight on the, he went out of control and got entangled in cables on the roof of the jail. The hanging package contained three plastic bags with marijuana weighing 3.5 ounces and 4 wrappers with 9 ounces of heroin.

Drugs into correctional facilities in Ponce and Bayamón


Correctional officials stopped an attempted entry of heroin through a drone into the Bayamón 292 institution, reported the secretary of the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation (DCR). The move is part of a DCR strategic plan to counter the entry of contraband into the island's prisons, which also resulted in the seizure of another drone at the Ponce Máxima correctional institution. According to images shared by the DCR, correctional officers also seized several cell phones.

4,35 m of wingspan


Agents of the National Police, in collaboration with the French Police have dismantled a criminal organization partially established in the Axarquía region of Malaga. The criminal organization was allegedly engaged in the purchase of consignments of hashish and marijuana in Morocco for their subsequent transport and distribution in French territory. In the search of a house used as a storage place for drugs in Almáchar, a professional drone with a wingspan of 4.35 meters was seized, among other effects, with a flight range of seven hours, conditioned for the transport of drugs between Morocco and Spain.

Air Methamphetamine


The Quebec Police Service arrested a 38-year-old man in connection with the delivery and trafficking of drugs by drones in the perimeter of the Quebec prison. The suspect was arrested near the detention facility, following a report by prison authorities of the presence of a drone in the area. During the operation, police seized approximately 550 grams of cannabis, 200 grams of hashish, 50 grams of white powder, 450 grams of tobacco, 150 nicotine patches, 250 methamphetamine tablets and a drone.

Believed to be delivered by drone


Correctional Service Canada reported that staff intercepted multiple packages on Collins Bay Correctional Institution’s perimeter that contained contraband and unauthorized items. The items seized included tobacco and a large quantity of drugs, as well as cellphone accessories. The total estimated institutional value of the seizure is $30,900, a news release said.

Way Hui + Rajabasa penitentiaries


Narcotics Directorate investigators arrested a suspected drug smuggler, who was identified as MUS, at his house in the Karang Anyar district. They also confiscated 26 packets of crystal meth weighing about 6.72 kilograms, 233 grams of marijuana, and a drone. “MUS has been trying to use the drone to smuggle the drugs.” Aside from the drone, the police also confiscated seven cell-phones, scales, and an air rifle. “MUS admitted under questioning that he intends to smuggle drugs to the Way Hui and Rajabasa penitentiaries says the police.

Under investigation


Several artefacts supposedly used to carry out contreband were located in a vacant lot in the Ica sector, in Las Garzas, Panama. It involves a firearm, a drone, drone batteries, allegedly smuggled cigarettes and a portable radio.



Dismantled one of the largest hashish trafficking networks in Campo de Gibraltar with 21 detainees. 4 stolen vehicles, 40,000 packs of smuggled tobacco, 1,000 liters of gasoline, a drone with a thermal camera and more than 18,000 euros have been recovered.

Prison delivery


A drone used to transport narcotics into Drummondville detention center in Canada was intercepted by prison security officers.

In Tecate Airspace


Custody agents detected the overflight of an electronic device in the vicinity of Tecate Airspace. The agents managed to neutralize the object and thereby carry out the seizure of illegal substances: a package that contained five wrappers, three of them green plastic and one purple wrapper containing Marijuana and heroïn.

Drug dealer used drone to deliver heroin


Cannabis, Methamphetamines... are most common drone drugs seized. A suspected drug dealer was first arrested by narcotics detectives due to alleged sales of heroin. However, during the investigation, a drone was found in his possession with a small quantity of drugs attached to the DJI Mavic drone.

Narco Drone hovering the US border


A drone was detected entering the United States, near San Luis, Arizona. Yuma Sector Border Patrol immediately dispatched officers over to the field to manage the incursion. The drone was seen flying back towards Mexico as officers approached the drone. Border patrol agents found a taped package containing 576 grams (1.27 pounds) of narcotics.

Border line


The drone which came from the Pakistani side was sighted at Dinda post close to Bamial along the Indo-Pak international border. Indian Border Security Forces opened fire at the gadget



Three young men are suspected of having attempted to deliver nitrous oxide capsules to one or more inmates at Perigueux's jail with a drone.

20 Israelis arrested by Shin Bet for manufacturing drones with missiles


The Shin Bet and the Israeli Police arrested around 20 suspects on February 2, 2021, accused of selling drones equipped with ammunition to an Asian country.

Captured in a Video


Prison authority captured the exact moment of delivery on video, managing to seize the substances dropped by the drone.

Drone carrying drugs crashes into high-security prison


A drone loaded with drugs that crashed into a prison in Nancy, northeast France. An investigation is undergoing to learn the details of how such an aircraft could go unnoticed with the illegal doses until it reached the enclosure that is considered maximum security.

Crashed on a Roof


Drone Carrying Kilo of Meth Crashes Onto Roof Near U.S.-Mexico Border. Border Patrol agents have seized a drone that was being used to smuggle drugs. The device had crashed onto the rooftop with two bags of methamphetamine taped to it.

Cell phones delivery


Police officers captured a drone with cell phones attached. This was carried by a man, who fled when he saw a police presence near the La Reforma prison in Alajuela.

Gold Eggs


Dubai passenger flies in with four drones, caught. The 25-year-old passenger also had four latest iPhones in his check-in baggage and 1.3 kg of gold in paste in his rectum and socks.

« Rond-Hornet »


The National Police of Ceuta and the Civil Guard have dismantled a network dedicated to international drug trafficking through the use of drones between Morocco and Sebta. The operation called "Rond-Hornet" began last September 2020. 4 semi-industrial drones with load capacities from 4 to 25 kilograms and 3 commercial drones have been seized.

2nd try


Two men were caught delivering narcotics via a drone for the second time into Warren Correctional Institution in Lebanon, Ohio USA. In the first instance, the drone contained narcotics and mobile phones. The package was covered with turf in an attempt to camouflage and conceal when dropped. The drone had footages of the drone dropping packages in Warren Correctional Institution as well as two other prisons in Mansfield and Chillicothe.


In the vicinity of the army’s Eastern Command headquarters


Two Bangladeshis have been arrested for allegedly using a drone to capture photographs of the Victoria Memorial Hall here and its surrounding areas without any permission from the authorities concerned. An initial investigation revealed the two Bangladeshis had no permission for flying the drone, an unmanned aerial vehicle. Notably, the Victoria Memorial Hall is close to the army’s Eastern Command headquarters at Fort William.

Flying drunk


A man in his thirties was arrested in Grand-Quevilly (near Rouen) for flying a drone over a high-threshold Seveso factory. Subjected to the alcohol test, the 36-year-old from Rouen comes out at 2.76 grams per liter of blood. He acknowledges being the owner of the machine found in the industrial facilities.

Police Warning


The Nigeria Police Force has warned against the indiscriminate use of illegal drones. In statement, police spokesperson said a task force had been set up to arrest and address such cases with violator prosecution if needed. The statement said the use of drones was creating fears among residents.

Spying Ed Sheeran


The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) revoked a drone pilot's operator's certificate for conducting an “unauthorised flight” near Páirc Uí Chaoimh during one of Ed Sheeran's concerts in May 22. The breach was deemed to be unintentional and was not malicious, says the IAA speaker. The Authorities stated that "the flight was conducted without approval in an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) restricted airspace."

Turkish Made


Drone belonging to Turkish state mercenaries crashed into Shewarqa village in Afrin, Syria. No more details besides the drone was custom-build.

Spying nuclear submarine sites


It's being reported that Chinese drones are spying on British military bases, with 18 sightings registered in two years (2019-21). The drone sightings took place between 2019 and 2021, over the nuclear submarine base in Faslane, Scotland, and the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston in Berkshire. Faslane is considered the most sensitive military establishment in the UK - home to Trident submarines and nuclear weapons. The Ministry of Defence has responded to the Freedom of Information request, and told Forces News: "We have robust security measures in place at all defence sites including nuclear bases, to respond to all such incidents.

After Macron’s meeting


The police detected the presence of a drone in the prohibited zone, but the overflight took place well after the meeting, around 7 p.m. and directly above the J4 esplanade, the other side of the harbour. The pilot, who was also on the esplanade of the J4 was spotted by the video surveillance of the sector and arrested. It was a 25-year-old man who was probably shooting at the seaside using a simple recreational drone. He was nevertheless taken into custody and his camera seized.

Mavic 2 in Donetsk


Electronic warfare and air defense units of the LPR destroyed an Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle in the northwest of the LPR. The Ukrainian UAV corrected the mortar shelling of the front-line village of Donetsk.

40 minutes intrusion


A Hezbollah UAV that penetrated Israel on February 18 is of the "Hudhud-1" type, made in Iran, or alternatively a UAV based on it and manufactured by Hezbollah in Lebanon. This small UAV (1.5 × 1.9 meters) is a fixed wing aircraft used for patrol and photography. The UAV intruded the airspace during 40 minutes.

A drone from Gaza Strip


The IDF shot down a Hezbollah drone that crossed the border with Lebanon. The drone was under the surveillance of the air control unit throughout the incident. The drone has been shot down by IDF.

Sexual Intercourse


The Busan District Court Eastern Branch sentenced a 39-year-old man to eight months in prison for a sexual offense. The defendant was accused of flying a drone from an apartment in the southern port city of Busan in July to illegally videotape four adult men and women shirtless inside the LCT skyscraper 1.8 kilometers away. In February, another man was sentenced to eight months in prison for using a drone to videotape a couple engaged in sexual intercourse in an apartment in the same city.

Fined Dh5,000


The Dubai Misdemeanors and Violations Court fined an Arab engineer Dh5,000 after he was found using a drone to photograph several areas in Dubai, without obtaining the necessary permits from the authorities concerned. These pictures were saved in his phone. The court also confiscated the drone used.

Seized by Arab Coalition


Arab coalition shoots down Houthi Rujum quadcopter over Marib, Yemen. Supposedly for reconnaissance.

Above the « Lanterne »


A drone hunt took place in the royal city. And not just anywhere, anytime. This happened at La Lanterne, the second home of the Head of State, while Emmanuel Macron was there. The devices were not intercepted, nor was the owner(s). Around 10 p.m., the gendarmes on duty therefore spotted two drones flying over this 4-hectare area, adjacent to the park of the Palace of Versailles. A police patrol, arrived on the spot quickly, also notes their presence in the sky. Their size and altitude could not be specified. After a few minutes, the aircraft take the direction of the Rocquencourt triangle, in the neighboring town of Chesnay. The police follow them from a distance and lose sight of them. At 10:30 p.m., the gendarmes contacted the police again to warn of the return of the drones. Who left the place a few moments later and vanished into the night.

Creepy & invasive


Peachland resident Lisa Bibby said she has been a victim of unwanted drone activity twice in the past year, describing the experiences as creepy and invasive. The most recent incident reportedly took place when she and her husband were on a hike at Scenic Canyon Regional Park in Kelowna this summer. The first incident reportedly took place in Bibby’s backyard where she was lounging with her husband. “A drone flew by a few times, then came back and literally hovered about us for five minutes,” Bibby said. “We were getting creeped out by it and yelling at it, acknowledging that we saw it. It flew away, then returned shortly after, so my husband brought out his BB gun and pointed it at the drone and it took off, which proves it was watching us.”

Black flying


At 3 o'clock in the afternoon on October 18, 2021, the police in front of the Public Security Station found that someone was ignoring the ban and flying a drone in Danfengmen Square of Xi'an Railway Station. After criticizing and educating the "black flying" personnel, the police temporarily detained their drones.

Blue Mavic Pro


A quadcopter belonging to illegal Armenian armed detachments in the territory of Azerbaijan, where Russian peacekeepers are temporarily deployed, tried to carry out reconnaissance flights over the positions of the Azerbaijan Army in the direction of the Fuzuli region. The UAV was seized as a result of the vigilance of the Azerbaijan Army.

Crucial Time Advantage


Air traffic control contacted police after a report from the pilot of a light aircraft that the unmanned aerial vehicle was flying unusually high. Drones with high resolution cameras are flown near racecourses by in-running punters attempting to gain a crucial time advantage over those relying on legal television pictures.

RQ-20 destroyed


Yemeni forces destroy RQ-20 Puma drone flying over Jazan near Yemeni border in a reconnaissance mission.

Increase since Jammu & Kashmir attacks


Two Pakistani drones sighted over Dorangla and Kalanaur towns in Gurdaspur India. A police officer, preferring anonymity, said the flights of these machines, which were controlled by Pakistan officials on their side of the IB, had increased ever since the drone attack on the Jammu Air Force Station in June.

Shot 4 to 5 times


Drone spotted near Jaitpur, Punjab. Border Security Forces (BSF) jawans opened fire at the drone, shooting four to five rounds before the UAV disappeared. An alert has been sounded and a search operation is underway in the area.

Over Golan Heights


Syrian Air Defenses shot down an Israel drone with a surface-to-air missile after it entered Syrian airspace, near occupied Golan Heights. IDF also announced that it had misplaced a drone that had crashed due to technical issues.

Urbex on World Heritage


A student from Noisy-le-Roi (Yvelines) was tried on Wednesday September 22, 2021 at the Coutances court, for having climbed and then filmed Mont-Saint-Michel (Manche) with a drone. They got up early to climb Mont-Saint-Michel and take pictures from the top. But when we reach the top, a race against time begins with the police. Quickly, the two climbers were arrested. The drone confiscated, the videos too.

Trepassing the BSF


A drone was sighted by Border Security Force personnel at Rajoke village in Tarn Taran area of Ferozepur sector. On hearing the humming sound, the personnel belonging to 103 Battalion followed the standard operating procedure and opened fire targeting the drone, forcing it to return to the Pakistan side. The area was cordoned off and a massive search operation was carried out in the morning, which continued for hours. However, nothing suspicious was recovered.

Overflying the game


Edgewood High School had to halt their football game due to a drone flying over the field. The drone disrupted the game, hovering for a few minutes over fans, the field and players before flying off, according to a Madison Police Dept. incident report. As high school and college sporting events resume, MPD reminds those with drones to be wary of the rules in place, as local law enforcement can respond to drone complaints on behalf of the FAA.

Drone Tifosi


Munich police apprehended a drone pilot before the start of the Euro Group F meeting between Germany and Portugal for flying over a no-go area over the Allianz Arena in Munich. A police spokesperson confirmed that a 48-year-old man was quickly arrested.

Neighbors complaining


Residents complain of drones looking through windows in Gates County, North Carolina. Drones are a tool of choice for malicious operators, especially given that offenders for such acts tend to get away easily due to most public areas not having drone detection or counter-drone systems.

Spying RAF


Police are investigating after a man flew a drone near RAF Lossiemouth to allegedly take footage of jets landing at the airbase. The police called but they were unable to trace him following a check of the area and are currently asking for eyewitnesses.

Surveying rural properties


Drones now help thieves to survey rural properties. Two people were arrested in March 2021 and charged with grand theft, trespassing and burglary for allegedly stealing in excess of $100,000 in tools, farm equipment and other property from several rural locations in Solano County.

Dear Drone, open the Tesla door pls!


Hacking a Tesla with a drone? Yes it is possible. Unlocking the doors and trunk, change seat positions, both steering and acceleration modes – in short, pretty much what a driver pressing various buttons on the console can do. These exploits were originally written for the PWN2OWN 2020 contest. Tesla patched these vulnerabilities since then.

Spying Gaza


According to the Ahlul Bait News Agency (ABNA), the device, belonging to the Israeli army, fell a short distance from the Tariq bin Ziyad mosque, located in the Al-Sheyaiya neighborhood, in the eastern Gaza Strip. The Israeli air force constantly uses drones to spy on the positions and fortifications of the Resistance forces in the besieged coastal enclave.

Streaming & Cash


Three men arrested after drone spotted over Aintree racecourse during Grand National Festival. The drone was also seized. This was after a drone was spotted being flown near to Aintree racecourse during the Aintree festival. It is thought that the perpetrators were streaming live pictures to punters which can be used for betting, as the pictures will be ahead of what the majority see on TV. A search of their van also revealed a large stash of cash.

Spied by drones?


Javier González Martínez, Technical Secretary of the Rectory of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMéx), denounced, through his social networks, being a victim of espionage, in recent days drones have flown over his house.

Spying President Deputy’s wife in Kenya


A 37-year-old British national Hind Jeremy's drone was spotted by the DP's wife, Rachel Ruto at around 3 pm on March 24. Mama Rachel reported the incident to the police who launched investigations.

For several seconds…


Racecourses are urging police to take action against drones being flown above races to give punters an edge in mid-race betting. In the absence of spectators, by watching live footage several seconds ahead of the television broadcasts, the drone pilots are given a significant advantage for in-running wagering. It also gives them an alternative view of the scene to help them make observations that other punters might miss.

They have been spying on us through drones


Judge Erika Aifán exemplified the actions that she has detected against her work and physical integrity, and also against other judges at greater risk. Surveillance through follow-ups with vehicles without license plates, attacks in the personal sphere and through legal actions and spying on her and her colleagues with drones by crime organizations.

Peeping a 18 year old girl


A 18-year-old victim from Prince William county (Virginia, USA), told police she was getting dressed in her bedroom at around 12:00 when she saw a drone with a camera mounted on it outside of her window.

« French tourist »


A French tourist, detained in Iran ten months ago, is facing two charges of "spying and propaganda against the system", according to his lawyer. Benjamin Briere, 35, was arrested after flying a drone near the Iran-Turkmenistan border.

Overflying official buildings


The Police intercepts a drone flying over the Congress of Deputies and other strategic buildings (Ministry of Health and Prado Museum). Agents of the National Police have intercepted the UAV and have sanctioned its pilot for failing to comply with airport security and navigation regulations, the Higher Headquarters of the Madrid Police reported.

Felt on the PM’s Farm


Police continue investigations into drone incident at Morne Daniel. Videographer/Photographer, Jahwanza Stuart and popular blogger, Lynworth “Mystelics” Mitchell, were both arrested and taken into police custody for allegedly flying a drone in the Morne Daniel area near Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s official residence. The drone later fell to the ground outside the Prime Minister’s farm which is right next to his official residence.

An Israeli espionage drone shot down by Palestinian forces


The Palestinian press reports an Israeli reconnaissance drone was shot down on February 15, 2021 in the northern part of the Gaza Strip by Palestinian forces.

Naughty drone


A “naughty” drone has been terrorising the residents of Merrivale, in Howick, every night and most of them are concerned about its owner’s true motives. The drone has been spying on them as it hovers over their backyards and looks through their windows. All their attempts to locate its owner had failed and some were now threatening to shoot it down if the “peeping Tom” who owns it did not stop intruding on their privacy.

Mara Salvatrucha « is » listening the Police


Honduran police investigators dismantled a Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) operations center organized narcolaboratorio (drug laboratory). The camp was located in a mountainous region on the highway from Tegulcigalpa to Olancho, Honduras. Drugs and small arms were seized during the raid - Operación DeI Impacto (Operation Impact) and so as several drone. While this is not the first police raid dismantling MS-13 drug labs in Honduras—indeed an earlier raid discovered that the pandilla or mara (gang) was using aerial drones to detect police interference.

Super Bowl LV


Florida Man Flies Drone Near Tampa Super Bowl Activities, Faces 1 Year In Prison. A criminal complaint charges Henry Alejandro Jimenez (33, Orlando) with violating national defense airspace. If convicted, Jimenez faces a maximum penalty of one year in federal prison.

Preparing roberies with drones


With security cameras, GPS and even drones, criminals are identifying their victims in the town of Suba, northwest of Bogotá. The Metropolitan Police of Bogotá has made a call to all citizens after finding high-definition cameras in different public establishments.

Crashed in Gaza Strip


An IDF drone crashed in the Gaza Strip on Sunday during a military operation. The report comes after several drones have crashed in the Strip, which is alleged to be due to technology being used by Hamas.

Flying inside the Holy Temple


Mathura Police have registered an offence allegedly after a camera-mounted drone was flown in Bankey Bihari temple in Vrindavan. The drone was flown during Raj Bhog Darshan between 12 noon and 1 pm, according to the police complaint filed by the supervisor of the security team.

Putin’s alleged secret residence spied


Drone footage purports to show Vladimir Putin's secret $1.4 billion palace on Russia's Black Sea. The video was produced by Navalny's nonprofit organization, the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK). The nearly two-hour video appears to show drone footage of an extravagant mansion, two helipads, a guest house, and multiple other structures across a sprawling coastal property. The Kremlin has denied that Putin has any connection to the property.

30 days in 2 days


Intel Sky, has recorded dozens of Israeli drones flying over Lebanon, since the start of the year 2021. The Lebanese army said Israel violated its airspace nearly 30 times in two days, flying reconnaissance drones and jets into Lebanese territory

Over the Puerta del Sol


National Police agents have identified the pilot of the drone that flew over Puerta del Sol during the chimes on New Year's Eve 21. The system in place detected the start of the aircraft's flight at 23:57:08, ending it at 00:02:17 on January 1. After viewing the route he made, it was observed how it took off from the terrace of a nearby building, following a direct roundtrip route to Puerta del Sol.

Derniers incidents

Les différentes menaces

Les drones sont devenus l’arme « du pauvre ». Les groupes terroristes les utilisent dorénavant pour créer un maximum de dégâts à moindre coût. Pouvant transporter des explosifs ou encore des substances chimiques, ils représentent une menace pour la population mais aussi pour les forces de l’ordre.

+ sur les Attaques

Les drones peuvent facilement pénétrer dans des espaces aériens protégés, et menacer la sécurité de sites sensibles. Certains drones pèsent plus de 10 kg, et représentent un risque de collision lorsqu’ils volent à proximité des aéroports. Pour cause d’intempéries, suite à une erreur de pilotage ou une panne, le risque de perte de contrôle est élevé.

+ sur les Collisions

La démocratisation des drones civils a créé de nouveaux risques. Les criminels les ont adoptés et peuvent aujourd’hui atteindre des zones difficiles d’accès comme les prisons, les ports ou encore pour passer les frontières. La charge utile de transport d’un drone peut varier de quelques centaines de grammes à plusieurs kilogrammes, faisant de ces derniers un excellent outil de contrebande.

+ sur la Contrebande

Lancer une cyberattaque depuis le ciel est devenu possible. En équipant le drone de nano-ordinateurs, des individus malveillants sont capables de voler des informations confidentielles sans déclencher aucune alerte. Le repérage avant un cambriolage est également un risque tout comme les actes d’espionnage.

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Votre système totalement sur mesure

Nos experts vous accompagnent dans le choix, la mise en place et l’exploitation de votre système de lutte contre les drones malveillants. Il est toujours possible de faire évoluer le système anti-drone CERBAIR après installation, sans avoir à remplacer la totalité de ses composants. Ainsi, vous maîtrisez votre budget et vos besoins tout en suivant les évolutions du marché du drone.

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