Portable Solution – Compact On-Foot Anti-Drone Protection

A Man-Portable Solution Housed in a Backpack for On-The-Go Missions

Our portable anti-drone solution provides power and ease-of-use in a small and cost-efficient package. The combination of our detection and neutralisation* technologies make this solution unique on the market.
Available in two ideal formats:

Portable Solution M1:
A sturdy backpack for drone detection on-the-go. Ideal for use by Law Enforcement officers in urban environments

Portable Solution M2:
A rugged backpack for on-foot operations with an integrated electronic countermeasure* system to neutralize the threat instantly

This Complete, Miniaturized Solution Detects Drones and Their Pilots from the Moment Their Remote Control Is Powered Up


Airspace Protection During Your Missions

Our portable solution offers two levels of drone detection:

– Omnidirectional: Continuous automatic drone detection

– Direction Finding: Manual drone detection

* The purchase or usage of jamming technologies only applies to public order, national defense and security needs or public law enforcement in accordance with local regulations

Available End of 2019, Contact Us For More Information

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