Partner Profile: Protec

Gil Ancelin founded Protec in 2003 after working his way up the ranks of the security and surveillance industry over several years. Today Groupe Protec (link in French), with includes Protec Sécurité, offers services in security, tele-surveillance, reception, as well as security training.

Protec Sécurité specializes in tailored-made security options including:

  • 24/7 tele and video surveillance
  • Alarm management
  • Security agents trained to intervene in a quick and effective manner in even the most sensitive contexts
  • Mobile security units
  • Electronic Security including intrusion and fire detection, technical installation and access-point control
  • “Cyberguarding” long-distance security

Every client offer is customizable with one point of contact handling the entire process

Protect Security
CerbAir Anti-Drone Solutions & Protect Securite join forces

In 2019, Protec Sécurité and CerbAir signed an agreement to join forces to offer our clients the ultimate in security technology and expertise. Protec Sécurité provides a certified and comprehensive security offer that combines the strengths of a highly-trained staff with technology. CerbAir brings to the table its advanced radio-frequency based drone detection.

It with great pride and pleasure that CerbAir announces its newest partnership with Protec Sécurité.