Lack Of Regulation Could Lead To Drone Weaponization

Professional hacker and CTO of IOActive Labs, creating cutting-edge research on AI, Cars, Smart Cities, Robots, IoT and Blockchain Security. Drone commercialization has skyrocketed over the past five years.

Watch a Drone Take Over a Nearby Smart TV

For all the focus on locking down laptops and smartphones, the biggest screen in millions of living rooms remains largely unsecured, even after years of warnings.

Think a Drone Is Spying on You? Here's What to Do

In Oregon, a woman reportedly was sitting at her computer one night in March 2019 when she noticed an unusual light outside her kitchen window. We know what you're thinking — but, no, it wasn't some sort of alien spacecraft.

Germany plans new 'drone detection system' around airports

The chaos continued despite a huge police operation and the Army was eventually called to bring the incident under control. Military anti-drone equipment, which can detect the flying machines and disable them by jamming radio signals, remained at the airport until March.

Registration to be compulsory for Czech drone operators under new rules

Conditions for the usage of drones in the Czech Republic are to be tightened up under new rules being imposed across the European Union, Czech Television reported. Operators will be barred from flying drones over large gatherings or accidents so as not to hamper the work of rescue services.

The U.S. Army Wants To Microwave Drones in Midair

The U.S. Army, as part of a broad counter-unmanned aerial systems strategy, is pushing forward with the U.S. Air Force to develop a high-powered microwave weapon. A microwave would short out the electronics of a drone in flight, causing it to crash.