Head of Customer Deployment (M/F) - Permanent Full-Time Contract

Job Description

Send your application to: jobs@cerbair.com

The Head of Customer Deployment fills a central role in CerbAir’s Operations department. Reporting directly to the Chief Operations Officer, your mission consists of:

  1. Ensuring the smooth deployment of CerbAir’s solution to our clients, with an emphasis on the software component of the solution: test the limits of the system upstream, be present during installations to oversee the software component and fix any unexpected glitches.
  2. Managing tech support after installations: Be the ‘first responder’ on level three service requests, search for the problem and respond on your own without necessarily escalating the issue to the developers.

To do so, the Head of Customer Deployment will have a free hand to:

  • Carry out function tests on new software versions
  • Propose new features to add to software
  • Organize on-field system tests
  • Deploy the tools needed to develop a robust aftersales process
  • Travel to and meet clients for installations and aftersales operations or on prospection to oversee demonstrations


3-4 years of experience in the field of technology with 1-2 years developer experience. You have already overseen direct customer/user service, preferably with a critical system. If you’re not intimidated by the thought of adjusting code on the fly to resolve an issue during a deployment or being the point of contact between the Technical team and the technician in contact with our clients (prisons, airports, special forces, industrial sites, VIPs…), and the perspective of coming to the rescue at sensitive sites all over the globe, then apply now! Required Skills:

  • Fluent English & French
  • Experience using: C++, Bash, MySQL, Linux
  • Knowledge of networks
  • Knowledge of client support processes (Incident management, workflow organization, etc.)