Drone Specialist (M/F) - Permanent Full-Time Contract

Job Description

Send your application to: jobs@cerbair.com

The Drone Specialist is tasked with increasing CerbAir’s drone knowledge:

  • Technical analysis
  • Performance
  • Use cases, etc.

He/She assists the Technical and Operation teams in testing our systems and conducting demonstrations all around the world. He/She also takes care of our drone fleet and the paperwork needed to become a registered drone operator. To accomplish his/her mission, the Drone Specialist is given the freedom to:

  • Strengthen the existing partnership between CerbAir and StudioSport
  • Conduct tests with the existing drone fleet
  • Build new drones controlled by classic remotes (Futaba, FrSky…) or Long Range (CrossFire, RIMLec…)
  • Order new parts or drones to grow the fleet
  • Attend expos, meet-ups and drone events


  • Considerable experience in the domain of drones (able to build a drone from spare parts, switch out a remote, digital and analog, compatibility between different modules, etc.)
  • A certification in electronics is a +
  • Intermediate English (B2)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Rigor and attention to detail
  • A taste for the outdoors and adventure – there’s going to be a lot of both!

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