CerbAir launches its latest anti-drone resource

Introducing Our Blog

The world of airspace security is at a rapid boil. Drones are infiltrating every aspect of everyday life from leisure to shipping to agriculture and defense

and with every advance, new security challenges appear. How do security administrators today ensure the safety of the sensitive airspace and infrastructure they oversee while taking full advantage of the advances drone technology allows?

These are questions that have fascinated us at CerbAir since our foundation. We believe that drone technology is disruptive – creating plenty of headaches, but also loads of new opportunities. Simply keeping drones “out” is a strategy destined to fail.

The most effective approach to anti-drone security should be offensive – seeking to understand and adapt to a technology in full evolution. Knowledge is an integral part of an offensive strategy; after all, being well-prepared for a threat means knowing your opponent.

We’re excited to launch our blog as the newest resource in our anti drone arsenal. Join our community as we discuss advances in UAV technology and CUAS solutions.

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