The Threat Is Real

Drones Pose Four Main Threats to a Completely Unprepared Security Industry


Drones are the ultimate weapon for terrorist groups and vandals looking to cause maximum damage from a distance and at a low price. These small devices can transport grenades and other small weapons, as well as dangerous chemical substances. They represent a serious threat to the population, but also for Law Enforcement.



Drones can easily fly into restricted airspace and threaten the security of sensitive sites. With some drones weighing over 10kg (22lbs), they pose a serious struck-by hazard to passers-by on the ground or to aircraft. The risk of a drone losing control due to bad weather, bad piloting or even loss of battery is high.


Consumer drones are available for purchase online or in stores at affordable prices and are easy to operate. Criminals have adapted them to smuggle contraband into hard to reach areas, such as prisons, ports or across borders. Depending on the drone model, the maximum payload weight can vary from several hundred grams to several kilograms.



Sensitive sites are at risk of an airborne cyberattack as small drones are capable of carrying nano computers and routers. This means that sensitive information can be stolen without any security alert being triggered. Sightings of Peeping Tom drones have soared and some criminals have even used the devices to scope out properties before breaking in.

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