CERBAIR and KEAS announce a major partnership at the Milipol Paris Exhibition

CERBAIR and KEAS are proud to announce their global strategic partnership to become the key player in the hyper-competitive anti-drone industry.

Their goal is nothing less than becoming the leader in electronic warfare. With their perfectly integrated HYDRA and MEDUSA solutions, CERBAIR and KEAS engineers collectively guarantee a reliable response to malicious drone threats, whether in the form of attacks, drug deliveries, espionage or collision risks.

The partnership will leverage the natural strengths of both companies. Like CERBAIR, which maintains a network of more than a hundred distributors around the world, KEAS has a network of relays in Europe and Asia which can act as ambassadors and levers of growth. The cornerstone of this agreement between the Montrouge-based company and its Grenoble-based counterpart is distribution. David Morio, President of KEAS, explains, “This is a seminal step for both of our companies, and we are excited to bring all of KEAS’ legitimacy in the radio frequency jamming anti-drone market to this partnership.

Lucas Le Bell (CEO & Co-founder of CERBAIR) and David Morio (President of KEAS) at Milipol with Jean-Baptiste Djebbari (Minister of Transportation) – (c) Arnaud Bouissou TERRA

©The partnership also provides for the maximization of human, commercial and organizational resources to conquer clearly identified national and international markets, as the two companies synchronize their technical roadmaps in the co-production of a CUAS (Counter-Unmanned Aerial System). CERBAIR’s MEDUSA system is particularly strengthened by this partnership, incorporating KEAS’ next-generation analog, digital, fixed and mobile neutralization solutions.

Several previous joint successes have laid the foundation for this alliance:

  • Project CECLANT: the testing of onboard solutions on French Navy surface ships
  • Providing anti-drone systems for the French Prison Service
  • Participation in SKY WARDEN: the innovative grouping of seven experts in anti-drone combat by MBDA

CERBAIR and KEAS, with their lofty ambitions, are convinced that this strategic partnership will position them as the pre-eminent experts in “Made in France” anti-drone combat.