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Developments in UAV technology & anti-drone solutions

Anti-Drone Security – We’ve Got A White Paper for That

Airspace Security - A Beginners Guide On a clear and sunny day, a national leader squinted into the sky – his eyes widening with surprise. Seconds later a series of explosions shook the air and sent his audience fleeing into the surrounding (more…)

Drone Sightings Skyrocket in the US

Surprising Findings The FAA released figures showing recorded drone sightings in restricted US airspace between 2014 and 2018 and the results are astounding! (more…)

Restricting Drone Usage at the Local Level

A recent report on the efforts of the Sedona Oak Creek Airport Authority and the US Forest Service in the American state of Arizona to ban drones flying in their vicinity raised questions over the (more…)

CerbAir launches its latest anti-drone resource

Introducing Our Blog The world of airspace security is at a rapid boil. Drones are infiltrating every aspect of everyday life from leisure to shipping to agriculture and defense (more…)

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