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Developments in UAV technology & anti-drone solutions

A drone or not a drone? Getting this question wrong could cost you

Was It Just a Case of Mistaken Identity? On 22 January of this year, it happened again, or did it? A drone was spotted by two pilots approaching Newark Liberty International Airport - one of two international hubs that serve New York City. According to pilot reports, the device was...

After Gatwick Could Sports Venues Be the Next Great Drone Debacle?

Stadiums Are At Risk From Rogue Drones After a rather unfortunate end to 2018, Gatwick Airport administrators have learned that a little prevention goes a long way. Europe’s 8th busiest airport is busy installing anti-drone solutions to keep the UAVs away and airport authorities around the globe are following their...

Yemen Drone Attack is Indicative of Worrisome Trend

Is the Yemen Attack a Sign of Things to Come? On January 10th a clutch of high-ranking officers in Yemen’s Hadi-led government army gathered at Al Anand military base. Seated on a raised dais, they surveyed the soldiers arranged in orderly rows before them while cordial speeches praising the bravery...

CerbAir will be at Shield Africa 2019

Shield Africa (22 - 24 Jan 2019) is Africa’s leading security exposition. Sponsored by the Ivory Coast Ministries of State and Defense and partnered with French defense giants GICAT and GICAN, Shield Africa offers responses to security challenges confronting the continent in 2019 including: Securing urban areas, Reestablishing peace in...

Gatwick Airport Hobbled by Hobby Drone Intrusion

From 9 pm to 3 am on Wednesday evening Gatwick Airport, Europe’s 8th busiest was shut down due to the presence of two rogue drones flying over its runway. The drones reappeared on Thursday morning, affecting the flight plans of over 120.000 passengers according to Gatwick’s chief operating officer Chris...

India Opens Its Skies to Drones – What Are the Rules?

After some hesitation, India moved to legalize the operation of civilian drones over its territory. The new laws (which you can read here) took effect on 01 December 2018 and are in line with the rapid modernization of the country whose booming economy has lifted millions into the middle class....

Anti-Drone Security – We’ve Got A White Paper for That

Airspace Security - A Beginners Guide On a clear and sunny day, a national leader squinted into the sky – his eyes widening with surprise. Seconds later a series of explosions shook the air and sent his audience fleeing into the surrounding (more…)

Drone Sightings Skyrocket in the US

Surprising Findings The FAA released figures showing recorded drone sightings in restricted US airspace between 2014 and 2018 and the results are astounding! (more…)

Restricting Drone Usage at the Local Level

A recent report on the efforts of the Sedona Oak Creek Airport Authority and the US Forest Service in the American state of Arizona to ban drones flying in their vicinity raised questions over the (more…)

CerbAir launches its latest anti-drone resource

Introducing Our Blog The world of airspace security is at a rapid boil. Drones are infiltrating every aspect of everyday life from leisure to shipping to agriculture and defense (more…)

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