Airspace Security – A Beginners Guide

Reading time : 5 min

On a clear and sunny day, a national leader squinted into the sky – his eyes widening with surprise. Seconds later a series of explosions shook the air and sent his audience fleeing into the surrounding streets. A stunned world gaped at the images captured on live television: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro had just dodged the first recorded assassination attempt by drone on a head of state.

It really should have come as no surprise given the increasingly urgent warnings issued by military and security experts around the globe regarding the potential dangers of unregulated drone technology. The world’s military titans from the US to Russia and China had all taken steps to protect their troops from belligerent UAVs following the spectacular use of the technology by non-state actors such as ISIS. In civilian life, reports of near misses with jetliners and complaints of drone-assisted voyeurism skyrocketed.

Still, the televised buzz of two store-bought drones loaded with plastic explosives brought the message dangerously to the fore. Security administrators everywhere began to ask:

  • Are my airspace and infrastructure safe?
  • What can I do to counter the risk and protect my site?

Maybe you’ve been asking yourself the same thing?

Well before the Maduro incident, CerbAir was created in response to the rise of drone technology and the risks associated with it. With years of security experience on the field and in the lab, we decided to distill our expertise into a resource for those looking to protect their sensitive airspace from malevolent drones, but not sure where to begin in their search for an effective anti-drone solution.

Our new white paper: The Beginner’s Guide to Securing Sensitive Airspace with Anti-Drone Technology, helps you answer important questions like:

  • What anti-drone technologies are out there?
  • How can I determine my risk level?
  • What steps can I take to implement an anti-drone security system?
  • What should I look for when evaluating an airspace security system or provider?

Our white paper will guide you through the important first steps towards securing your sensitive airspace and infrastructure. It’s more important than ever to act now. As Venezuela and many other recent events have so vividly demonstrated – the drone threat is real and it’s here.

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