Protect your site from malicious drones

Is your site at risk ?

Know your level of risk

  • You are not convinced of the drone threat?
  • You do not know the most sensitive areas of your site?
  • You want to raise your clients’ awareness on this topic?

CerbAir Intrusion Test

  • Malicious intrusion attempt with evidence collection
  • Risk analysis
    • Vulnerable areas
    • Types of risk
    • Drone threat assessment

Easy, fast and safe implementation

  • Target site identification
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement signing
  • Intrusion led by certified pilot accompanied by security guard
  • Detailed security report and solutions to the drone threat

Secure your near airspace now

DroneWatch is the answer against the growing threat of malicious drones. It is a state of the art Drone Detector Solution that uses optical and radio-frequency-based technologies as well as advanced algorithms.

DroneWatch detects, tracks and identifies all types of civilian drones. Our automatic warning system accelerates the apprehension and prosecution of violators through real-time alerts and digital evidence collection.

Video dronewatch

Key features

  • Intelligent algorithm
  • Simplified user interface
  • Detection rate 100%
  • Facilitated intervention
  • POE detectors
  • Easy Set-up
  • Simplified integration
  • Day / night optic
  • Radio-frequency detection
  • Wifi detection
  • Range up to 500m
  • Jammer compatibility

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