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When Innovation Outpaces Convention –
A Leader Must Step in to Bridge the Gap

CerbAir was created to counter the alarming increase of drone intrusions on national territory, as well as the threat they represent. Convinced that airspace security is an issue shared by all, we offer anti-drone solutions that adapt to the typology of each customer.

Our People

The CerbAir team was assembled with an eye to providing the very best in experience and know-how in security.

Our Values:
Knowledge, Commitment, Passion


CerbAir recruited some of the top experts on the market to accompany us in our rapid development. Our strong links to a diverse and demanding line of clients have positioned us as a key player in the anti-drone fight. From busy international airports, to the ministries of Justice and Defense in various nations, we stay one step ahead of the latest security challenges.



We protect our clients from threats linked to drone intrusion. Through our expertise, CerbAir accompanies partners in the conception and implementation of their airspace protection policies.


Our understanding of different issues linked to drone threats (technology, geo-politics, strategy...) makes us more than just a trend rider. Passionate about these new challenges, we are convinced that our work is helping to create a safer world.


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